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Billowing smoke from house fire

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Smoke Damage?

Like every homeowner in Florida, you are probably wondering whether your homeowner insurance covers smoke damage. Discover everything you should know about smoke damage claims from our smoke claim experts in Florida.

Can Your Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Fire Damage?

Luckily, your homeowner’s insurance covers almost all smoke and fire damages within your home. It also covers damage caused by a fire in your neighbor’s house. Moreover, most policies also cover damages resulting from wildfires. Unfortunately, proving that your neighbor’s fire is the cause of the damage can be technical. Fortunately, you can work with a smoke claim adjuster in Florida to make the process much easier.

What Damages Does Homeowners Insurance Cover After a Fire?

Compensation from your insurer can cover immediate and long-term expenses caused by fire or smoke damage in your house. Firstly, your policy should cover repairs and replacement costs resulting from damage to your home. Apart from that, homeowners insurance should cover damage to your property’s fences, sheds, driveways, and any other structure.

Homeowner insurance also protects you from damages to your assets. For instance, your insurer should provide coverage if your power tools are damaged after your shed burns down.

Your homeowner’s insurance also covers additional living expenses if your home is uninhabitable, and you need a temporary place to stay. It should also cover the cost of food, parking, laundry, and other basic living expenses.

If someone gets injured on your property, your homeowner’s insurance should also cover the injuries and medical payments.

What Is Not Covered by Fire Insurance?

Typically, your homeowner’s insurance will not cover fire or smoke damage caused by anyone named on your policy because it’s considered an intentional act. Moreover, some policies don’t provide coverage for collectibles, jewelry, artwork, and other valuables. Smoke claim experts in Florida can help you determine what you need to do to receive compensation for these items.

Your homeowner’s insurance might not also cover damage from identity theft, floods, or earthquakes. Additionally, most homeowner insurance policies don’t cover damage resulting from war and expenses from preparing your claim. If you feel that your insurer is undervaluing your assets or delaying payments, consult a reputable public adjuster in Florida.

How to File Smoke Damage Insurance Claims

After a fire, you will be tempted to take videos and photos to document the damage. However, it’s best to wait for the fire department to give you the green light to assess the damage. Once you can go in, use a good quality camera to take photos and videos of the smoke damage. After that, send the images and videos to your insurer to fast-track the process.

You can also call your insurance agent to describe the incident in detail. If you have to find a temporary place to stay, remember to keep all the receipts and provide them to your insurer. Your insurer will send an agent and a smoke claim adjuster in Florida to assess the damage. After that, your insurer will cover the smoke damage.

Is your insurance company frustrating you? Contact Florida Fire Claims to talk to one of our experienced public adjusters in Florida.