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Tips to Get the Most Money from Your Fire Claim

According to the NFPA, in 2020 the United States experienced around 1.4 million fires, which caused a loss of almost $22 billion. The problem with fire incidents is that they not only damage and destroy valuables or that they are deadly to human lives, but post-fire damage restoration can also become a complex nightmare for property owners.  

You have to put your life on a long pause till you settle the remediation and, most importantly, apply for a fire claim. Now that’s where things can get even trickier. Even if you contact your insurance companies immediately after the fire strikes, you often have to fight tooth and nail to get the best deal out of them.  

In short, you most certainly, need to know the most effective tricks to help you receive the most optimal settlement for your property’s fire claims. If you’re a victim of fire damage and are searching for valuable tips, we’re here to guide you.  

Below are three valuable tips that can help increase your chances of making the most money from your insurance claim.   

1. Understand Your Insurance Policy Before Filing The Claim  

First, you need to ensure that you have the original and present copy of your property insurance policy. Having the homeowner’s copy damaged in the fire can make your claim procedure even lengthier because you’ll have to contact your insurance firm for a new copy. Sometimes, this seemingly easy task can get quite time-consuming. Therefore, it’s best to keep the document safe and preferably away from possible damages.  

Next, you must read through your insurance policy before taking any action. You can even get help from your family, friends, or neighbors who have gone through similar experiences before. Together, you can understand the clauses of your policy.  

2. Jot Down All Your Losses/Damages  

Probably the most must-follow tip to benefit from an optimal settlement is this one: listing your damages thoroughly. Having all your losses compiled beforehand can help you save time filing a claim and mentioning the fire damage. After all, you want to show all the destruction to get more money from the insurance company.  

In addition, you must not throw away anything until the claim is settled. Even the burnt and beyond salvageable materials should remain on your property as physical evidence that your insurance firm may require when going through your claim. Or else, your insurance company can refuse to compensate you.   

3. Apply For A Claim Immediately  

If your valuables and finances get damaged because of a fire and you need money for your immediate needs, you must reach out to your insurance firm immediately. You must be careful and spend it wisely on essential things that mitigate damages. Insurance firms DO NOT reimburse for expenses they think are unnecessary and wasteful.  

All insurance experts advise that you file for your fire claims at the earliest. It helps to initiate the procedure on time. You will have to submit a “proof of loss claim” with as many details as possible. The more evidence you provide, the higher your chances for an optimal settlement.  

Some of the essential pieces of information you must include while filing your claim include: 

  • Type of damages 
  • Possible injuries  
  • Condition of property  
  • Police report (if available)  
  • Details of the damaged possessions/valuables 

Professionals For Fire Claims Are At Your Service  

It’s wise to seek assistance from experienced professionals to help you understand how fire claims work. Plus, they do all the challenging work for you while focusing on fire remediation. So, if you’re a resident of Florida, searching for a credible agency to guide you through the process, you can contact Florida Fire Claims 

We are a team of experienced staff who understand the complexities of fire insurance. As the leading fire claims adjuster in Florida, we prioritize your requirements and assist you in your fire-related legal matters. Helping you receive the best out of your fire claim is our goal, and we’re there to represent you throughout the whole procedure.  

You can call (833) 899-FIRE to schedule a consultancy session or speak to our experts. Feel free to submit your questions and messages through the online contact form or email at [email protected]. Our representatives work around the clock to provide a quick response to your queries.