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Front view of a house on fire

The Hidden Damages of a Fire Loss in Florida

Some damages from fires are hidden. Not only that, but they may also not be visible to our naked eye. It is often hard to know how bad the damages are in those cases. This means that you will have to do some investigating regarding this issue. You cannot just rely on what your insurance company has told you, especially when you think their numbers don’t make sense.

Insurance companies don’t always list fire damage caused by combustion or exposure to extreme heat. A fire claims adjuster may also include other damages that are not connected to the fire. The dry rot, flood and freezing damage can add up to many extra expenses. If you want to reclaim the money you have lost due to a fire disaster, you must list these hidden damages.


What Are Hidden Fire Damages Loss in Florida?

Your insurer will only be responsible for the damages caused by the fire. The insurer might not be responsible for the damage that is due to something else, and it can include:


The Flood Damage

When fires are put out, there may be a lot of water remaining. This water can cause flood damage in a building. Your insurance will cover damage caused by the fire itself. However, if a lot of water was needed to put out the fire, then make sure to add any damage that the water caused.


The Drying Out of Moldy Materials

Insurance companies tend to include fire damages, dry rot, flood and freezing damages in their calculations. Insurance companies are not responsible for those damages, but you can add them to your claim.


The Dry Rot Damage

Dry rot is a pretty common term in insurance claims. It is the damage caused by dampness, and it requires a lot of time, moisture and warmth to develop. Dry rot may take place after water was used to put out the fire. If the water did not dry thoroughly, dry rot will take place.


Smoke and Soot Damage

This type of damage is not always a result of a fire. However, you could use it as evidence in your fire claim if it happened during the time the fire occurred. In this case, smoke and soot damage can happen to the affected building. This includes damage your décor, furniture and other materials.


Gas Leaks

Gas leaks can occur because of a fire or by a natural occurrence like the corrosion of pipes. If your house was affected by a fire and you are experiencing gas leaks, you can add it to your claim. This can cause significant damage to your kitchen and other parts of your house.


Electrical Damage

Electrical damage would not be a significant type of fire damage if the fire were small. However, if the building affected by the fire had an electrical system and this system was damaged or destroyed, you can add it to your claim.

In conclusion, you have to be thorough regarding fire loss claims. You have to look into the hidden damages not included in the insurance company’s calculations. A fire claims adjuster will include the damages caused by the fire and those that you and your family add.

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